FITA encourages all installers to learn more about flooring all of the time. It is the only way that our industry can grow professionalism and the body of knowledge.

Actually, we believe so strongly in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that we will only renew the installation title we give you if you can demonstrate that you have invested time in growing your skills.

How does it work?

We have a very simple points system to help you keep track of how much training you have done. 1 hour = 1 point and you have three years to earn these points:

15 points for an installer 30 points for a head installer

You can earn points doing any of these activities:

  • Attending (or presenting) courses, seminars, workshops, lectures or training days which are related to floor installation;
  • Attending FITA meetings;
  • Attending FITA development sessions;
  • Reading technical and industry related literature;
  • Attending training and skills development courses which enhance soft skills for example learning Microsoft Office or attending a leadership training programme.

You can earn a maximum of 5 points in three years for each of these activities

  • Researching, reviewing or writing of technical articles
  • Registering with FITA as an Assessor or Moderator
  • Representing FITA at other related Professional Bodies/International Bodies;
  • Serving as FITA committee/board Member
  • Technical Assistance or mentoring;

Here is an example of what an installer will need to do in three years to keep their official title:

YearType of Training done by an InstallerPoints Earned
1 A half day of training hosted by a manufacturer 5 hours = 5 points
2 A full day of training hosted by a manufacturer 8 hours = 8 points
3 A short demonstration hosted by FITA 3 hours = 3 points
    15 hours = 15 points

Keeping track of it all

You can log into the website to tell us what training you have done, or just contact us via email, Facebook or WhatsApp to let us know and we will keep track of it for you.

Click here to download our CPD Policy