Upgrade your Membership

When you first register with FITA, you will be a normal member and your membership card will not show any of your experience. You can easily upgrade your membership by applying to FITA for any of the titles below:

Learner Installer

This is for someone who is doing a FITA learnership at a Construction Education Training Authority (CETA) approved college. Read more about learnerships here.

Assistant Installer

If you have been installing floors for at least one year, you can apply for this title. It is for installers who have finished their learnership or who have a CETA Certificate of Achievement. Read more about how to get this Certificate here.


An installer who has worked for at least three years can apply for this title. You will need a CETA Certificate of Achievement or the National Certificate: Installation of Floor Coverings if you did a learnership.

Head Installer

A Head Installer will have five years of experience. A Head Installer will also need a CETA Certificate of Achievement to apply for this title.

Master Installer

This title is for those installers who have more than 10 years of experience. They are very special, and we are very proud of our Master Installers. We know it is crazy to ask a Master at their job to go to college again, so instead we do an assessment of your skills. Read more here about this assessment.

What does this mean for an installer today?

If an installer is skilled in any flooring types, FITA will issue them with an official title to confirm this.

Once our new qualifications are complete, an installer can do a simple Recognition of Prior Learning assessment to get an official, government recognized accreditation. Click here to see what flooring types we recognise