How much does it cost?

FITA registration is only valid for one year and must be renewed annually. We charge individual members a small fee, which must be paid each year in March. A new membership card is issued each time your membership is renewed, or you upgrade your membership.

We suggest that installers ask their employers to pay the annual registration fee for them. If they agree, then FITA will invoice the employer directly. If that is not possible, ask your employer to pay the fee for you and then make arrangements to pay them back monthly.

Installers can register with FITA for free until March 2019 and after that fees will apply as follows:

Membership TypeCosts
Assistant Installer R 200.00
Installer R 300.00
Head Installer R 400.00
Master Installer R 500.00

If you join on or after 1 September each year, the fees will be half of what is shown above.

If you let your registration expire and you want to reapply to FITA, a R350 administration fee will be charged.